July 6, 2019

X.509 Certificates Explained

To put it simply, X.509 certificate is a digital document encoded and/or digitally signed according to RFC 5280 Generally speaking X.509 certificate refers to IETF's(Internet Engineering Task Force)...


June 7, 2019

The Shape of Tensor

Tensors are the primary data structures used by neural networks. And they are rather fascinating as well. Machine learning and by extension deep learning is an interdisciplinary field. Its...


June 2, 2019

Install Tensorflow GPU 1.13 on Elementary OS Juno (Ubuntu 18.04)

Setting up Tensorflow with GPU support gave me good deal of pain. Internet is full of tutorials with older releases of Tensorflow. Some of them use an approach of installing CUDA toolkit via apt....


May 29, 2019

Hello Blogging

This is the start of your first blog post. This is what JigSaw told me as I booted things up for my first (serious-ish) blogging attempt. I have been thinking about creating a blog for...